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This instrument is now proudly owned by Jazz Bassist Larry Grenadier and will feature on his new Solo Project: Larry Grenadier To Record First Solo Recording on ECM


This Puglisi-Panormo model bass is part of a pair of instruments made in part as an exciting experiment in sound. Benedict Puglisi simultaneously made two basses to the same Panormo model, yet one has a carved back, the other a flat-back. This has so far proven an interesting and invaluable experiment in instrument making and acoustics. 

As part of the experiment, several professional players had a chance to compare these instruments, and found that both had superb sounds, yet played to different strengths. This flat-back model has a powerful, clear tone with excellent response and a good "punchy" pizzicato sound.

In the end Christain McBribe became the owner of the Carved back Puglisi ,and Larry Grenadier its sister.


The Grenadier- Benedict Puglisi

  • String length: 107.5 cm

    Upper bout: 53 cm

    Middle bout: 38 cm

    Lower bout:   68 cm

    Body length: 110.5 cm

    Ribs:         16 to 22.4 cm

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