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The TG flight case is made from fabric covered styrofoam, with airline size and weight restrictions firmly in mind.

This case is available in  most size subject to availability, however the 4/4 is the most widely used 


Styrofoam interior, fabric exterior



Will fit most basses - the 4/4 case will fit a bass with its soft bag

Very safe, also provides good insulation

External music pocket, plenty of straps and handles



approx weight with bass: 24kg (4/4 case)

without bass: 12kg/26.5lb

3/4 cover height: 202cmwidth at widest point: 82cm

4/4 cover height: 212cmwidth at widest point: 92cm




TG Lightweight Flight Bass Case

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$1,100.00 Regular Price
$995.00Sale Price

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