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RRP:  $510

Our price:  $449  (includes free fitting in-store)


Solo  strings are very slightly thinner and higher tensioned strings

They are designed to be tuned a whole tone higher:

  • G string is then tuned to an
  • D string up to an E, the
  • A up to a B
  • E, becomes F#.

These are often used for recitals and solo repertoire. It makes for a brighter sound and easier to play up higher on the fingerboard.



Spirocore strings are bright powerful among our customer favourites, valued by players across all genres and styles. 


"Thomastik-Infeld strings are perfectly adaptable to all my playing styles, whether it's pizzicato, arco or my 'slap' technique. They are just as ideal for jazz and classical as they are for any other musical genre."  -- Stanley Clarke


Individual Pricing

A La I -  $109

E Mi II -  $119

B / H1 Si1 III -  $129

F# / Fis1 Fa#1 IV -  $135

Extension E/C  -  $259


Technical Details

Vibrating string length:  104.0 cm  |  40.9"

Usable from 103.0 cm/40.6" up to 106.0 cm/41.7"

Spiral core

Chrome wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Red

Thread colour - Peg end:  Yellow

String Tension:

A La I  -  32.0 kg  |  70.5 lb

E Mi II  -  33.0 kg  |  72.8 lb

B / H1 Si1 III  -  33.0 kg  |  72.8 lb

F# / Fis1 Fa#1 IV -  33.0 kg | 72.8 lb


Spirocore Bass 3/4, SOLO Set


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