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New to the showroom from the Scott Cao Workshop in GuangZhou

Instruments made in the GuangZhou workshop are made by prize-winning luthiers under the supervision of Scott Cao. Instruments made by shop luthiers feature excellent tone, choice wood, quality varnish and superior craftsmanship. They are available in several grades and sizes. Every piece of our instrument is completely hand carved. The meticulous graduation of the top and back reward the player with a powerful and refined tone. Each instrument is individually hand made displaying the skillful work of a master violinmaker. - from


Copy of famous 1710 – Stradivari – The “Gore-Booth” 

This instrument is made from Bosnian Maple and Italian Spruce, with a Modern Italian Varnish. It features Hill style ebony pegs and an Indian ebony fingerboard. 



Full Atelier Puglisi set-up, including:

  • fingerboard plane and re-shape
  • high quality Pirastro strings
  • new Glasser carbon-fiber endpin
  • new custom fitted Aubert bridge
  • new Wittner tailpiece
  • soundpost adjustment 


Legendary Atelier Puglisi service, including:

  • 100% guarantee on all workmanship
  • adjustments to tone and set-up at no extra cost
  • free fitting with any string or pick-up purchase 



  • your choice of either Jarger, Larsen or Obligato strings for no extra charge
  • $50.00 discount on any Bam fibreglass cello case (subject to availability).
  • upgrade to a carbon fibre bow with a 25% discount.


For purchasing details/orders or further information, please contact us via Phone (03) 9853 9525 or Email


All prices are correct at time of uploading. Price variance may occur.

Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax. 

This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.

Scott Cao - Strad Gore Booth 1710 Cello- SOLD


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