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May I introduce "Vincenza". She is the 6th Double Bass I've built on this pattern. Big, voluptuous, curves and arching with a full sound to match. Strongly influenced by the work of Sicilian born Vincenzo Panromo and arguably the grandest of my models.

She was finished last year and made her debut with the Australian World Orchestra. After a little bit of settling in and adjustments to the setup, I'm happy to say she is now ready to be introduced to the musical world.

Three of her sisters, built with the same Swiss Spruce, Austrian Maple combination and style, are owned by Christian McBride, Larry Grenadier and Bernardo Alviz, to name drop some pretty amazing endorsements.

These large style basses would well suit orchestral, solo or jazz playing at a professional standard.
String length: 107cm / 42.3"

Puglisi-Panormo VI- anno2023


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