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RRP:  $479

Our price:  $449  (includes free fitting in-store)

Also available in Solo and Fifths (ADGC) tunings. 


Obligato strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre which is wound with chrome steel. Bright, brilliant and focused sound, very quick response, suitable for arco and pizzicato. Completely impervious to changes in temperature and humidity


Technical Details

Synthetic core

Chrome Steel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Rust Red/Black

Thread colour - Peg end:  G - Brown, D - Rust Red, A - Black, E - Dark Green

String Tension:

G Sol I  -  27.0 kg  |  59.5 lb

D Re II  -  28.2 kg  |  62.17 lb

A1 La1 III  -  29.7 kg  |  65.47 lb

E1 Mi1 IV -  30.9 kg  |  68.12 lb


Pirastro Obligato Bass 3/4 Orchestral Set


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