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RRP:  $625

Our price:  $544  (includes free fitting in-store)


Designed for arco playing, Flexocors have a quick response and typical warm sound of the orchestra with short sustain. The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel.


Technical Details

Carbon steel rope core

Chrome Steel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Ruby/Maroon

Thread colour - Peg end:  A - Blue Gray, E - Light Green, B - Golden Yellow, F# - Blue

String Tension:

A La I  -  28.5 kg  |  62.83 lb

E Mi II  -  27.6 kg  |  60.84 lb

B / H1 Si1 III  -  30.3 kg  |  66.8 lb

F# / Fis1 IV -  29.7 kg  |  65.47 lb


Pirastro Flexocor Bass 3/4 Solo Set


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