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RRP:  $420

Our price:  $399  (includes free fitting in-store)


The Perpetual Solo Set works very well as an arco classical string for solo bass material, while retaining consistent and precise pizzicato attack with an additional punchiness on the lower strings. The strings are colourful, projecting and have a wonderful singing quality.


"For me, the Perpetuals combine highest sound quality with an absolutely amazing flexibility in different musical formats. They produce a beautiful, distinctive sound with a great brilliance, full of substance, offering a range of tonal colours and versatility."  -- Prof. Manfred Bründl, Liszt School of Music, Weimar, Germany


Technical Details

Rope core

Chrome Steel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Honey Yellow

Thread colour - Peg end:  A - Blue Gray, E - Light Green, B - Golden Yellow, F# - Blue

String Tension:

A La I  -  28.8 kg  |  63.49 lb

E Mi II  -  28.5 kg  |  62.83 lb

B / H1 Si1 III  -  30.3 kg  |  66.8 lb

F# / Fis1 IV -  31.5 kg  |  69.44 lb


Perpetual Bass 3/4 Solo Set


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