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Josef Rubner Double Bass c1920 Markneukirchen, Germany


This interesting Double Bass is believed to have been made by Mastermaker Josef Rubner around the 1900s.Josef Rubner worked at Markneukirchen from 1882-1927. Specialist in cellos and double basses, he made models either labelled "Concert" or "Solo". He made a wide variety of other styles of bass, including basses of violin form, highly arched, finely flamed wood, and five strings. (Universal Diction of Violin and Bow Makers, Henley, 1973 ed.)


A German valuation of this instrument from 1967 states (translated): The instrument is well preserved with normal wear from use.

A big warm and grand sound, this carved back instrument is suited to both jazz and classical applications.Features

Fitted wth a fully gated custom extention.


A pleasure to play and hear and a great value for a full-fledged symphonic instrument.

Stunning wood, great sound and ease of play make this a standout in a crowd of German basses. The back and ribs ripple with figured tight grain maple.

  • Specifications Measurements:
  • Upper Bout: 51cm
  • C Bout: 36.6cm
  • Lower Bout: 66cm
  • String Length: 108.5cm/42.11"
  • Ribs: 20.2cm/8.8cm 

Josef Rubner c1920 Markneukirchen,

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