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The Ruggieri model is slightly larger than the classic 'Strad' shape and has a deeper, and some would say richer tone. 


Atelier Puglisi Set-Up
This Cello has received a full set-up in the Atelier Puglisi workshop, including:

  • fingerboard planing and reshaping
  • high quality strings fitted
  • new custom fit Aubert bridge
  • new tailpiece
  • soundpost adjustment 

Atelier Puglisi Service
All instruments sold by Atelier Puglisi have a 100% guarantee on workmanship, and will receive a complimentary 3-month checkup, including adjustment to tone and set-up at no extra cost. 


Stock #6927

All prices are correct at time of uploading. Price variances may occur. 
Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax. 
This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.

Jay Haide L'Ancienne 'Ruggieri' 4/4


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