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A 7/8 sized instrument is an excellent choice for those who may find the scale length of a full-sized cello to be a bit of a stretch (e.g. with smaller hands or a petite frame).


The Jay Haide Montagnana has been designed for the advanced student and professional who needs an instrument that will complement and enhance their artistic style. This is a wider-bodied model than the traditional "Strad" style, with a broad, rich, dark sound.


All Jay Haide cellos are hand-made of quality seasoned maple and spruce, and have a tone quality and workmanship normally found in instruments costing much more. The "á l'ancienne" range (including the Montagnana) are made by more senior luthiers with finer-quality aged wood for musicians requiring the best tone quality. 



String Length:   67 cm  /  26.38 in

Upper Bout:   35.5 cm  /  14 in

Lower Bout:   44 cm  /  17.32 in


Personalised Care and Attention

        Every instrument in the Atelier Puglisi showroom receives a custom set-up in our workshop by our skilled team of expert artisans, providing a 100% guarantee on workmanship and ensuring that each instrument is performing to its full potential. 

        Even within the same model, each individual instrument is different and we take the time to ensure that every one of them, at every price point and for every "age and stage", is sounding and playing at its best before it appears in the showroom.

        All work on every instrument is either personally attended to or overseen by our proprietor, Master Luthier Benedict Puglisi, with the assistance of a small team of experienced fellow luthiers and repairers.

7/8 Jay Haide 'Montagnana' L'Ancienne Cello


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