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BACK IN STOCK SOON- very limited stock - One Black and one Silver only.


Made from a very strong laminated polycarbonate material, this case is both attractively finished and pleasingly lightweight at only 14.5 kg. Equipped with six wheels (four on the side and two on the bottom), it makes transport and maneuverability much easier.


The interior includes firm but spongy high quality padding where it counts: around the lower bout, behind the shoulders and under the neck. It has ten movable Velcro-backed pads that can be positioned to best suit your instrument.


There are two internal bow holders, one body retention strap and another to restrain the scroll when opening in an upright position.


Available in Silver and Black. 


Approximate Measurements:

Body length including heel and endpin recesses:  128 cm

Overall internal length:  193 cm

Lower bout width:  71 cm

Upper bout width:  54 cm

Width across scroll cavity:  22 cm at widest (middle), 19 cm at narrowest (top and bottom). 


HQ Polycarbonate Double Bass Case - 3/4


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