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RRP:  $370

Our price:  $319 

(includes free fitting in-store OR free postage)


  • Individual strings available including extension E/C - see below for pricing
  • Also available in Light and Heavy gauges


Helicore Hybrid bass strings are multi-stranded steel core strings that produce a moderately warm tone. The groundbreaking core design makes for strings that are easy to play. Damping is optimized to create a balance between pizzicato sustain and bow response, allowing performance across many playing styles -from classical to jazz or bluegrass.


Individual Pricing

G Sol I  -  $73

D Re II  -  $82

A1 La1 III  -  $95

E1 Mi1 IV  -  $110

Extension E/C  -  $110

Mixed Set with Extension E/C  -  $360


Technical Details

Stranded steel core

Nickel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Green/Yellow

Thread colour - Peg end:  G - Red, D - Yellow, A - Black, E - Green

String Tension:

G Sol I  -  28.12 kg  |  62 lb

D Re II  -  29.9 kg  |  65.9 lb

A1 La1 III  -  30.4 kg  |  67 lb

E1 Mi1 IV  -  30.84 kg  |  68 lb


Helicore Hybrid 3/4 Set - Medium


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