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RRP:  $675

Our price:  $549  (includes free fitting in-store)


An all-synthetic alternative to the regular Slap set, these strings have the same warm and round sound, low tension, very easy playability and exceptional tuning stability. 


Technical Details

G string - Synthetic core, aluminium wound

D, A and E strings - Synthetic core, chrome steel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Honey Yellow/Black (all strings)

Thread colour - Peg end:  G - Brown, D - Rust Red, A - Black, E - Dark Green

String Tension:

G Sol I  -  21.6 kg  |  47.62 lb

D Re II  -  20.1 kg  |  44.31 lb

A1 La1 III  -  21.6 kg  |  47.61 lb

E1 Mi1 IV  -  20.7 kg  |  45.63 lb


Evah Pirazzi Bass 3/4 Slap Set - All Synthetic


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