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RRP:  $485

Our price:  $459 

(includes free fitting in-store OR free postage)


  • Individual strings available including extension E/C - see below for pricing
  • Also available in Light/Weich and Strong/Stark gauges
  • Solo sets also available on request


Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre which is wound with chrome steel. Suitable for arco and pizzicato, the sound is big, powerful, dark and well-rounded. 


"I use Evah Pirazzis because they are so versatile and strike the perfect balance for all styles of playing. For jazz they have plenty of attack and exactly the right amount of sustain to give a big powerful sound. With the bow, they are responsive and rich. These strings bring the best out of my instrument, I cannot recommend them enough!"  -- Chris Hill


Individual Pricing

G Sol I  -  $115

D Re II  -  $125

A1 La1 III  -  $150

E1 Mi1 IV  -  $175

Extension E/C  -  $199

Mixed Set with Extension E/C  -  $589


Technical Details

Synthetic core

Chrome Steel wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Green & Black

Thread colour - Peg end:  G - Brown, D - Rust Red, A - Black, E - Dark Green

String Tension:

G Sol I  -  29.1 kg  |  64.15 lb

D Re II  -  29.1 kg  |  64.15 lb

A1 La1 III  -  31.5 kg  |  69.45 lb

E1 Mi1 IV  -  30.6 kg  |  67.46 lb


Evah Pirazzi Bass 3/4 Orchestral Set - Medium


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