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This English Double Bass is attributed to the well-known maker William Tarr from Manchester in the mid 1800s.


This is one of those rare intruments that can perform in an orchestral environment and play equally as well on the solo platform. Small Bass with a big sound!


The  machine heads are very nice and typical style for English Basses although they may have been upgraderd at a later point. The warm coloured varnish shows some inevitable wear and tear of a 170 year old much loved Bass however, it is in excellent playing and structural condition with a fantastic sound to match.

String length: 101.4cm / 39.14"

Make a time to come and play this bass. 


English Tarr 'Manchester School'

    • String length: 101.5 cm (40")
    • Upper bout: 35 cm
    • Lower bout: 68.5 cm
    • Body length: 109 cm
    • Ribs: 14.5 cm at neck to 20 cm at endpin

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