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Paytons makes 2 different Bass Stools. One is the Standard stool, the other is called "Junior". They are Gas-lift height adjustable stools with swivel padded vinyl seat and four stable legs.

• Standard  $285.00  Min Height: 68cm  Max Height: 87.5
• Junior  $275.00   Min height: 58.5cm Max height: 77.5cm

These are extremely comfortable. I work for Ben at Atelier Puglisi and I sit on one of these stools all day (the Junior). It feels like I'm sitting on a cloud, plus I am also a Bass player myself, so I have sat on a lot of Bass stools! This is, by far, the most comfortable I've ever sat on. 

The Junior goes lower which is great for kids! 

Double Bass Stools. Gas Lift


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