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RRP:  $549

Our price:  $519 inc.gst. (includes free fitting in-store)


Belcanto Solo strings provide a beautifully rich and bright tone, perfectly suited to solo performance. They can also be used tuned at concert pitch as a lower-tension option.


"For 10 years I happily play Belcanto Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld. They offer exactly what I wish for: An unbelievably warm and brilliant sound. In my opinion these strings are the first choice in turning a double bass into a soloist."  -- Ernö Rácz


Can be sold individually (subject to availability)


A La I                       $119

E Mi II                      $129

B / H1 Si1 III          $159

F# / Fis1 Fa#1 IV $179



Technical Details

Vibrating string length:  104.0 cm  |  40.9"

Usable from 103.0 cm/40.6" up to 110.0 cm/43.3"

Rope core

Chrome wound

Thread colour - Tailpiece end:  Orange

Thread colour - Peg end:  Orange/Yellow

String Tension:

A La I  -  29.5 kg  |  65 lb

E Mi II  -  29.8 kg  |  65.7 lb

B / H1 Si1 III  -  29.8 kg  |  65.7 lb

F# / Fis1 Fa#1 IV -  28.8 kg  |  63.5 lb


Belcanto Bass 3/4 Solo Set

$549.00 Regular Price
$519.00Sale Price

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