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The bass buggie is one of the must have practical products if you own a Double Bass

  • Can strap onto the bass body with or without a bag.
  • Works indoors as well as outdoors!
  • Is made of durable high impact molded plastic.
  • Overall dimensions are 36cm, 16cm diameter (wheels, height & width).
  • Inside platform length is 28.5cm 
  • Weight is 1.4kg
  • Adjusts to any size bass from 1/10 to 4/4.
  • Has non-marking durable "rubberized" wheels that are solid but offer a bit of "rebound" and grip
    Compared to the previous generation Bass Buggie, these wheels offer a wider contact patch and better maneuverability, especially in gravel, snow, or other difficult terrain.
  • Rolls easily and straight on ball-bearing wheels.
  • Allows endpin to remain in place while in use.
  • Has a flexible body that provides some shock absorption from bumps and rough surfaces.
  • Optional Cushion adds additional protection from especially bumpy terrain, or for use with a bass not inside a padded gig bag.
  • Made in the U.S.A.( beware of cheap imitations )

Bass Buggie

SKU: 0005
$289.00 Regular Price
$265.00Sale Price


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