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The T4 is a great start into the Arcus bows.

It offers the same great playing characteristics of its more expensive siblings. With its stainless steel outfit it is even more robust. Its sound surpasses "normal" carbon bows and most wooden bows in its class. Its clear sound can help you find perfect intonation and its precise bounce allows you to master difficult bow strokes much easier.

  • Stainless steel
  • Stick: Round
  • Weight: ca. 71 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood


The T-bows special characteristic is a sound that combines great warmth and depth with a wide range of overtones and brilliance.

The elasticity of the stick is precisely matched to modern steel core strings and while they feel soft when playing lightly, their stiffness kicks in when power and intensity are required.

All this makes them the perfect all round bows for every repertoire and setting.


Arcus Cello T4

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