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This bow has a very light feel to it and a flexible stick. It is beautifully balanced and has a good level of control. The weight and balance have been adjusted to suit various bow-strokes while retaining a subtle and elegant sound quality. This bow would be suitable for tertiary level study and the advanced to professional level musician. This cello bow was made in the Japanese workshop ‘Archet.’ The Archet workshop has been active since 1983. Their bows are inspired by the master French bow makers such as Tourte, Peccatte and Sartory. They aim to not only understand, but to recreate the strength, beauty and rich tone of the famous French bows with Japanese techniques. The player is at the heart of every bow they produce and as such, their range has been developed in co-operation with renowned performers and soloists all over the world. They aim to make each bow the perfect partner for the player with a beautiful blend between timbre, volume and playability. They have a large range of bows from those that are more suited to the intermediate-level player to the top-quality soloist bows made by master craftsmen. Archet have been recognised around the world for their craftsmanship, winning various prizes and have received endorsement from well-known performers including Pinchas Zukerman.

Archet Japan Cello Bow

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