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Made in Germany, this cello bow was made in the Knoll workshop in 2019. The Knoll workshop was established in 1932 with Alfred Knoll (1909-1980). Alfred’s son Harmut was born in 1937 and he successfully completed his master’s craftsman exam in 1965. In 1968 Harmut had a son Gerald and in 1977 Harmut took over the Knoll workshop. Gerald took his master’s craftsman exam in 1998 and in 2003 he took over the workshop. The Knoll workshop produces a large range of bows from an advanced student standard to that of a professional soloist. This cello bow is stamped ‘ALFRED KNOLL’ and is made from fine quality pernambuco. The stick has been rounded and has silver French style lapping. This bow is nickel-silver mounted and has an ebony frog. It has a silver ferrule and button. This bow is based on a ‘Dodd’ model. This cello bow has a strong stick and a resonant sound. It has a good level of control that can handle both heavy and lighter styles of playing. This bow would be suitable for early-tertiary study and the advancing musician.

Weight: 81 grams

Alfred Knoll Cello Bow

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